Q: What political denominations/groups will eventually flag support for the European nationalist/cultural conservative groups?

A:Nationalists or anti-internationalists adhere to many ideological denominations. In essence, all patriots (by the true definition if its meaning) are nationalists but not all traditionalists are necessarily nationalistic (f example some Christian fundamentalists and ethnocentric groups). The word “nationalist” has been tainted by history so I prefer the word “cultural conservative”. Cultural conservatism has obviously nothing to do with Toryism (traditional conservatism) but rather from the words true meaning: to conserve. A majority of Tories and Republicans are no longer “conservatives” as they support multiculturalism.

You will find most political denominations on our side varying from the apolitical moderate patriotic and freedom loving European to more extreme factions:

Patriotic liberalists-libertarians-capitalists-socialists-social democrats, Christian agnostics-atheists-fundamentalists, any anti-internationalist conservative, liberal/progressive, conservative Hindus-Jews-Buddhists, anti-authoritarians, anti-racists, racists, anti-fascists/fascists, traditionalists and even some national socialists and nationalist Bolsheviks. I find it quite ironic that an increasing number of anti-internationalist Marxists join our side. We also see some Muslims convert to Christianity and begin to support our cause.

The ongoing cultural war will polarise societies and countries further and there will be two main factions. The nationalists/conservatives (cultural conservatives) vs. the internationalists (Marxist internationalists, suicidal humanists and capitalist globalists). The apolitical career cynisists will follow anyone in charge. Our biggest strength (despite of seemingly overwhelming odds at the moment) is that we have approximately 13 million nationalists spread across Europe willing to die for the cause while only a fraction is willing to die for “internationalism”. Of course, the internationalists may eventually attempt to arm the Muslims in Western Europe but if it comes to that they have already lost. They will lose the support of all remaining non-Muslims and will be left with only a hardcore Marxist elite with a significantly reduces loyalist/Muslim police/military force. At this point in time, a majority of the former police force/military will fight by our side.

At the moment, approximately 60% of Europeans (excluding Muslims) support our fundamental political doctrines but obviously not necessarily the means. However, the most important distinction here is the male/female ratio of our sympathisers. Approximately 70% of European males support our cause while only 30% of European women. As a consequence, when this is all over we must significantly reduce these women’s influence on political issues relating to national security, social structures, penal policies, border control, immigration, assimilation, certain cultural issues – national cohesion and procreation (birth) policies. This is perhaps the most important lesson we must learn, the betrayal by so many of our own women. It is not really a betrayal as a majority of our women only thinks and acts in accordance with how nature created them – in a suicidal compassionate manner. But it is essential that we prevent our women from propagating their suicidal compassion in “safe and more controlled environments” in the future. Sure, this is sexist policies but nature itself is sexist and you cannot defy primary natural laws. This rule will not be without exceptions though and we should keep in mind that 30% of European women do support us.

Q: If your National government had been very restrictive in regards to conserving identity, culture and halted Islamic immigration completely would you still have engaged in operations against them?

A: If my country was on the forefront for ”delaying” Islamisation it would obviously be counter-productive to launch attacks against that particular regime first. Norway is perhaps the most suicidal of all Western European countries today. We are on the forefront in the propagation of ”self-annihilation” policies such as dialogue and appeasement toward Islam. The country has also created a tradition to use the Nobel Peace Prize as a tool for Islamic appeasement efforts. I have no moral reservations whatsoever against participating or leading military operations against Norwegian Category A and B traitors as it is the most basic of human rights to defend your people against genocide.

Denmark, being stricter than many countries, will still be unable to prevent the Islamic demographic warfare through democratic means but at least they are buying some extra time by implementing relatively strict rules.